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You have reached Lieutenant Commander Ratchet, Chief Medical and Science Officer for the Autobots and Unit E in the universe known as Aligned 1110.26 Iota. All medical emergencies should be directed to me or another medic. If you can not find another medic, I would be happy to provide you with a list.

If you need to speak with Optimus Prime, you will find his frequency here.

Current Status: None of your damn business.

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{{Message received.}}

{{Subject — Sparks}}

{{Subheadings — Spark Bond, Love, Reproduction, …}}

{{Phrasing unknown. Attempting to understand.}}

{{Subheadings — Gestalt, Trine, …}}

{{Files uploading…}}

Spark: Essence of Mechanical life. Created via the Well of All Sparks or through spark bonds by colonies on Paradron, Junkion, and Velocitron. (Cybertronians in own universe cannot create life in this way?)

Spark bonds; related topics

  • Aligned: To be spark bound or intending to be spark bound in the future. Term may differ from region to caste. Term not multi-universal.
  • Bonded: ‘sparkbond/spark-bond/spark bond’. Cybertronians who have completely merged their spark and another to a point that their energy and signatures are bound on the quantum level by physics and emotional feedback. Death of one will adversely (sometimes fatally) affect the other. Insanity is common among bond-pair survivor. Bonds exist between multiple Cybertronians. Risk of instability. May cause previous bonds to break. More than two mechs bonding uncommon during Golden Age and Great War. Bonds can be broken or severed. Damage to spark is inevitable.
  • Conjunx Endura: Legal and colloquial term for significant other. Term can be applied to spark bonded pairs, best friends, spark twins, lovers, et cetera. Usage generally refers to a close, intimate relationship. Of most importance. Legal use no longer applies.
  • Dead link: One spark in a bond has been extinguished.
  • Gestalts: General term referring to a kind of link/bond between Cybertronians. Some bots have a function that require them to share hardware or software. Some gestalt operate as hive-minds, sharing thoughts and neural-net bandwidth. Others, like combiner gestalts, share hardware allowing them to transform together and then share thoughts as single personality. Other gestalts may be different degrees of hardware and software linkage and some gestalt share varieties of spark-bonds as well.
  • Interface: General term that can mean everything from simply jacking into another Cybertronian’s systems and casually integrating (for direct data exchange) to full on spark merge. Context specific. {{Please specify.}}
  • Love: {{No information available.}}
  • Reproduction: Correlation between spark bonds and sparklings is unknown. Sparkling is believed to be the result of a burst of energy (from a spark merge?) that causes a split off from one spark. Like spark split or something else? Should be unstable, but the spark merge may allow for a more stable split? Further data needed.
  • Spark split: ‘spark twin’. Rare instance of spark splitting upon emergence from All Spark due to an excess of energy. Usually results in spark snuffing out immediately. Others may offline shortly after being placed into a protoform. Surviving split sparks are considered to have a spark bond.
  • Symbiotic: A type of spark bond created between a bot who has been modified to act as a carrier and minicons (deployers). Carrier can have multiple deployers. Bond can be broken or severed more easily than a ‘true’ spark bond.
  • Trine: Subgroup of three. Used most often to refer to Energon Seekers.

{{More files available with proper clearance.}}

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