life and death are seldom logical

You have reached Lieutenant Commander Ratchet, Chief Medical and Science Officer for the Autobots and Unit E in the universe known as Aligned 1110.26 Iota. All medical emergencies should be directed to me or another medic. If you can not find another medic, I would be happy to provide you with a list.

If you need to speak with Optimus Prime, you will find his frequency here.

Current Status: None of your damn business.

[[Current M!A: None]]

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You might want to check Smokescreen over yourself. He allowed MECH to tamper with his processor.

“Scrap… Why would he allow them to do that?”

  1. ask-smokescreen said: I never did that! What? Where did that even come from?
  2. bitterskyfire said: Because he makes very poor descesions when unsupervised. Also he may have not been in his right mind at the time.
  3. imadoctor-notasoldier posted this
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