life and death are seldom logical

You have reached Lieutenant Commander Ratchet, Chief Medical and Science Officer for the Autobots and Unit E in the universe known as Aligned 1110.26 Iota. All medical emergencies should be directed to me or another medic. If you can not find another medic, I would be happy to provide you with a list.

If you need to speak with Optimus Prime, you will find his frequency here.

Current Status: None of your damn business.

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Gigantochloa atroviolacea (by tanetahi)

Java Black Bamboo - Someday I will have this bamboo growing in my garden. So what if it means I need to move into a new planting zone. Maybe climate change will help me out.


bamboo forest (by VeritasNova)


Every great person was an inexperienced, optimistic rookie at one point.

This seemed like a good idea, I have no idea what I’m doing. Also, earth modes, because I haven’t watched Prime in a while and I don’t remember if we saw how they looked on Cybertron.


smooth (by flora-file)


sorry about how rough this looks


Removing her hands from the technorganic’s grip would be a simple matter. However, she felt no need to tear away from the pretty little flower. Swoop’d let the plant win for now.

"Do what?"

Ratchet won’t admit it but the fact that Swoop was so willing to touch her was reassuring in its own way. She hadn’t really expected anyone would be and Ratchet couldn’t decide if this was easier than being human or not. At least her spark was still intact.

The hand not currently keeping Swoop from grabbing at her pressed to her chest and Ratchet sighed.

"Let’s try speaking instead of turning me into a science experiment. I can do that later. How far along are you with your studies?"


Swoop let it slip from her hand easily. There were plenty of other things to play with here. No point in getting hung up on just one.

Was that a flower bud?

Poking is clearly in order.

"You col-on-izing?"

No. No more poking. Or prodding. Or whatever else Swoop had in mind. Ratchet harrumphed and caught hold of Swoop’s wrist with three hands.

"All right, all right, that’s enough. Find another technorganic to do that to. I’m not it."

do you carrot at all for me? my spark beets for you, with your turnip nose and your radish face. you are a peach. if we cantaloupe, lettuce marry. weed make a swell pear. 8D

«I lost valuable data reading that.»


"Them wiggle," she said with absolute certainty. She made said appendages wiggle at Ratchet to prove her point. "Leafy bot."

"They’re supposed to do that."

She tugged the appendage carefully from Swoop’s grasp and allowed it to curl around her wrist.

"I’m not certain what function they serve for me but for most plants, they’re used to support growth without investing energy into a lot of supportive tissue or to colonize a large area quickly."

m!a: Thanks to the lovely song, you now have buds sprouting

And there are now flower buds mixed in with the vines and leaves.

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