life and death are seldom logical

You have reached Lieutenant Commander Ratchet, Chief Medical and Science Officer for the Autobots and Unit E in the universe known as Aligned 1110.26 Iota. All medical emergencies should be directed to me or another medic. If you can not find another medic, I would be happy to provide you with a list.

If you need to speak with Optimus Prime, you will find his frequency here.

Current Status: None of your damn business.

[[Current M!A: None]]

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The Omega Nebula, M17 or NGC6618

Credit: ESO


Noooo, don’t. He’s gonna talk about flowers every day.

Wheeljack, really. They’re harmless. In fact, I’m functioning well within established parameters.


No matter what changes in the multiverse, the Dinobots can always be counted on to plow through situations that other bots would shy away from. Not always the best strategy, but points for consistency, right?

"Me Swoop already tell You. Me not plant medic."

Ratchet sighed, rubbing the space on her helm where a chevron would be if she’d been in her own frame.

"I’m talking about Cybertronian medic. Tell me about that."


No… I don’t wanna see anything about plants.

Then clearly I will just have to ask his opinion on the matter. I’m sure he can keep your sensitivity in mind.


The smack earned an abrupt bark of laughter, arms tightening around her in a fond squeeze while he supported the trembling flora-form.

"That’s primarily because plants never really level out in their growth and energy intake like we do, I’d assume - in most cases they grow, they bloom, they germinate, and then they wilt to make way for the next generation. Trees just keep growing and growing forever if they have the resources for it, but I’m not really familiar with what kind of energy a sentient plant would take to maintain itself as an adult, but if you’re not growing, then we ought to be able to figure things out in a way to keep your levels steady. Ultraviolet lights and making sure you’ve got ample nutrients to keep you strong. Y’know?”

When Ratchet seemed steady, his arms loosened and moved away a short distance, ready to catch her if she wobbled again. “I’d be glad to keep close if it’s benefitting you, especially since Cybertron isn’t especially florally-habitable outside of a greenhouse. And bonus you get to do all the testing and scans you could want if I’m hanging nearby~”

Ratchet tried to not look too grateful that Beachcomber stayed close. The other bot’s size made things a little easier. If it had been Jetfire that had found her, Ratchet couldn’t shake the feeling it would have been much more awkward. She was only half of her original height and that put her at Jetfire’s knee.

The bot was gentle but Ratchet wasn’t keen on being on the receiving end of that. Never mind that this body clearly wouldn’t take the damage she normally could.

"That seems like the most efficient method. Your condition takes precedence either way."



… Pretty sure Doc isn’t interested.

Are you speaking for him now?

"Ah, what happened to you?"

«A spell.»


Alright, alright, I don’t wanna hear any more about how you’re a flower. Freakin’ me out.

Are you certain? I have some fascinating images of my altered CNA. Perhaps I should see if your Ratchet would be interested in examining them.

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