life and death are seldom logical

You have reached Lieutenant Commander Ratchet, Chief Medical and Science Officer for the Autobots and Unit E in the universe known as Aligned 1110.26 Iota. All medical emergencies should be directed to me or another medic. If you can not find another medic, I would be happy to provide you with a list.

If you need to speak with Optimus Prime, you will find his frequency here.

Current Status: None of your damn business.

[[Current M!A: None]]

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As is often the case with these kinds of investigations, time turned out to be of the essence.  He and Ratchet had no sooner finally located the remains of one of Harmonex’s old Relinquishment Clinics than Buzzsaw informed him of rumors about the doctor’s absence beginning to spread from the budding medical facilities in Praxus and a few intercepted comments on both sides regarding Dancitron’s unexpected temporary closure.

It was inevitable.  The two of them had been responsible for things like the anti-Unicron barrier and the planned assault on the Nemesis, so of course another combined absence might mean something big around the corner - and what with Soundwave now answering only to himself…

No.  No surprise there.

But he did think he’d have more time.  Even with Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, and Zori helping, they simply could not clear the rubble and find the pathway to the Institute branch hidden down below fast enough for his liking.

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Ahem. :: Then. Yes. I'm... I'm going to bed. So, good night, Ratchet. ::

«Good night, June.»

After a deep breath - :: I'm sorry. I got flustered and upset and... That was uncalled for. ::

«…It’s all right. This is not a-a situation either of us has any experience in handling.»


"You best at everything."

"Anyone say ‘You Ratchet in trouble,’ You say NO and keep going."

«I will try to remember that. For now, I think the issue is best left alone. June and I will speak soon enough.»


::Kehehe you not make very good Dinobot with all that thinking.::

::You Ratchet DO things instead. That better.::

«My penchants for doing things without some bit of forethought tends to get me into a great deal of trouble.»


::You say “Me Ratchet love You Nurse” and then give Her present and then Her happy.::

«I will think about it.»


::You Ratchet tell Her You love Her!::

«That would be unwise. I will deal with my feelings as I see fit.»

He may be reading everything in this file, but he's listening to every bit of your conversation with June he can. For the record.

Ratchet isn’t even surprised. Welcome to the weirdness that is her life. You’ve been here for quite awhile.

Her nice nurse :>

«Very nice.»

You like Nurse?


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